1st litter

1st Uncharted litter - chart polski - 3 males + 7 females
Sire: ELCC -12, FI LCCH, FI CH, HeW-10 Polskis Alfa Romeo eyes, heart, hips and elbows - healthy, DM-test: clear
Dam: FI CH, LT CH, LV CH Fernmark Chart Asteroid eyes, heart and knees -healthy

COI for 8 gen: 2,56%

EuJW-15, EEJW-15, EEW-15, FI CH, LV CH UNCHARTED MOONSTONE "Pola" Owner: Maarit Kandelberg-Harakka, Finland. Pola will be seen at lure coursing as well as on dog shows. Pola is tricolour-brindle. Pola has healthy eyes, heart (ekg, auscultation, usg) knees, hips (A/A), elbows (1/0), and back (SP0, VA0, LTV0). Character tested ++131points
* 1xBOB-puppy 
* 6xBOB
* 1xBOS
* 9×CAC
* 1x j-CAC (Est)

UNCHARTED AMETYSTSMOKELADRYADE Owner: Veronika Madzová, Slovakia Ametyst will be seen at dog shows and maybe on coursing fields too. Ametyst is blue brindle. ~73cm Eyes healthy.

Photos: Veronika Madzova

UNCHARTED HURJAHURTAZHARACZ "Hara" Owner: Sami Hietanen, Finland. Hara will be seen on lure coursing as well as on dog shows. Hara is brown and white. ~80cm Hara has eyes, knees and heart (auscultation) healthy.
* 1xBOB-puppy
* 3xBOB

* 1×BOS
* 4×CAC

UNCHARTED SILVERSPELL Owner: Malgorzata Szmurlo, Poland. Laleczka was blue-tricolor-brindle 7.05.2014-26.01.2015. Cause of death: accident.

UNCHARTED TERRACOTTA "Terra" Owner: Zaida Hämäläinen, Finland. Terra will also be seen at dog shows and lure coursing. Terra is brindle with white. ~69cm Terra has eyes healthy (very mild distichiasis) and knees and heart (auscultation, ultrasound +ekg) healthy.
* 1x BOS-puppy
* 1× BOB
* 1× CAC

UNCHARTED BLUEMOON "Luna" Owner: Mona Kristiansen, Norway. Luna will be seen on dogshows. Luna is blue tricolor-brindle. ~69cm
*2 × BOB
*2 × CAC

UNCHARTED MIDNIGHTSTAR "Miisu" Owners: Anni Koskinen and Veli-Matti Pokela, Finland. She will be seen on coursing fields and dog shows as well. Miisu is tricolor-brindle. ~73cm

*1×BOB (at Finnish Sighthound specialty)

FI CH, SE CH, NO CH, SCAND CH, HELW-17, NORDW-17, FIW-17 UNCHARTED HIGHINTENSITY "Aatu" Owner: Jere Pitkänen, Finland. Aatu will be seen at dog shows, and  in coursing too. He is also in training to become a search dog for lost dogs. Aatu is tricolor-brindle. ~77cm
Eyes healthy (very mild distichiasis), knees 0/0, heart healthy (usg, ekg, auscultation), hips A/A, elbows 0/0,  back LTV0 & VA0 (=healthy) Character tested: +31p
Aatu's MyDogDNA passport >>

*2× BOB
*3× CAC

UNCHARTED TRUEORIGINAL "Jörö" Owners: Marjut Pihonen-Randla and Lauri Randla, Finland. Jörö likes coursing, so maybe he will be seen at competition... Jörö is tricolour-brindle. ~73cm


UNCHARTED DRIFTWOODFORTESOURO "Shilo" Owner: Pat Snyder, USA. Shilo will be seen on dog shows. Shilo is brindle with white.

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