Official name: Flip
Breed:bordercollie/Border Collie
Registration number:FI17255/11
Dam:Tea Bartolovi Dvori
Sire:PPR1 PAIM1 PAIM2 Tammikallion Zagal
Breeder: Kimmo ja Marika Klossner, Somero (Woollandian working Border Collies)
hips: A/A
elbows: 0/0 16.4.2016,
mild changes in right elbow 5.2.2017
shoulders: 16.4.2012 ok, no sign of ocd
back: clear 16.4.2012,
calcified discs (x2), spondylosis 5.2.2017
knees: 0/0 16.4.2012,
mild changes in left knee 5.2.2017
teeth: scissors bite,full dentition, I2 removed after incident on 26.6.2012
testicles: ok
eyes: pentuna/as puppy ok
16.4.2012 ok
other health facts:good skin and coat, had many eyeinfections as puppy
Owner: Katariina Sarin, Mellilä
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He is a real working machine, with lots of drive. He never stops trying. He is all I have ever hoped for in a Border Collie, unfortunately my health hasn't been up to his level in these 4,5 years. I hope that we can start doing more competitions in the future, he has talent and health and would be a really successful dog in any hobby if we just could do some regular training... As usual, he has a downside. Flip has been afraid of shots (gunshots and fireworks) after he run away from his breeder's place while visiting them when I was giving birth to our son. Before this, he didn't react to anything. Flip has been training obedience, agility and herding, and I wish to continue our work on these. He also loooooves frisbees, they are his absolute favorite!

Kauniainen 9.9.2012 ALO2, 140,5p tuomarina Kaisa Lähdesmäki
Forssa 12.9.2012 ALO2, 146p tuomarina Ilkka Stén
Forssa 8.5.2012 ALO1, 188p, KP, 3. sija tuomarina Ilkka Stén

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