keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015

Sad news from Poland

Malgorzata send me sad news about darling Laleczka, Silverspell. She had passed away because of sepsis after dog bite. I'm extremely sorry for your loss Goska and Iza! I know she meant everything to you. Sleep well little girl.

maanantai 26. tammikuuta 2015

2 international shows in Kaunas, Lithuania

I had two dogs with me; Friidu and Rokka. On sunday Friidu was BOB, got CAC and CACIB and became LT CH! Rokka was BOB-jun, BOS and got jun-CAC. No success on the big ring.

On sunday both got same, and Rokka became LT JCH! In the groups Friidu was BOG5 (out of five... ;D). So very succesful weekend! Thank you Taru for company, it was a nice trip!

tiistai 13. tammikuuta 2015

Helsinki puppy show 11.1.2015

We had 5 of our puppies entered:  Aatu (Highintensity), Hara (Hurjahurtazharacz), Miisu (Midnightstar), Pola (Moonstone) and Terra(cotta). We also had entered a breeder's class. No other cp entered than us. All pictures by Nina Turunen, thank you!

First was boys:
Aatu: "Masculine, balanced entity. Good head and expression. Right bone structure. Moves easily." Honorary price, 2nd

Hara: "Strong, handsomely lined male. Excellent type. Good head and expression. Roomy body. Good legs and easy mover." Honorary price, 1st, BOB-puppy

Miisu: "Nicely developed, charming bitch. Good head and expression. Promising body. Good legs. Moves easily." Honorary price, 3rd

Pola: "Well developed, feminine. Excellent head and expression. Good neck. Excellent roomy body. Good legs. Right bone structure and .... Moves easily." Honorary price, 2nd

Terra: "Very evenly built bitch. Great head and expression. Beautiful upper- and lowerline. Well developed body. Right bone structure. Moves beautifully." Honorary price, 1st, BOS-puppy

Breeders group: "Even class. Handsome dogs. Congratulations to the breeders." Honorary price, BOB-breeder

It was so nice to see that all puppies had grown up nicely, had great temperament and have good, loving homes that take so good care of them! Thank you!