sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2015

Turku International Dog Show

There were altogether 7 chart polski entered. Great! Judge was a very gentle man from Slovenia,Stefan Sinko. It is always a pleasure when judge handles dogs nicely.

Full results:
Males - Junior class

Highintensity, EXC2, CQ, res-CAC Evaluation: "10 months old. Good in type. Head in proportion to the body. Still in development.Bite corret. Nice neckline. Topline still needs time. Correct tailset & good carriage. Good hind quarters with correct angulation. Moved good but still needs training."

Hurjahurtazharacz EXC1, CQ, CAC, BOB Evaluation: 10 months old. Quite nice type. Masculine head in proportion to the body, with correct bite. Good ear carriage. Nice body proportions. Lovely neck. Topline still needs time. Correct tail set and good carriage. Good angulations. Moved good but needs training."

Rymwid Celerrimus EXC3 Evaluation: "9 months old. For his age well developed. Head needs time. Could already be a bit more masculine. Nice neck. Good upperline. Nice strong hind quarters. Correct tailset, but carriage a bit exaggerated."

Bitches - Junior class

Midnightstar EXC3 Evaluation: "10 months old. Very fine feminine head, could be at this age a bit stronger. Bite correct. Forechest need time to develop.Good neck. Good topline. Correct tailset, good carriage. Good hind quarters. In the movement front cordination could be a bit better. Needs time to settle."

Moonstone EXC1, CQ, BB2, CAC Evaluation: "10 months old. Nice type female.Good head. Bite correct. Nice deep brisket. Good upperline. Correct tail set. Good hind quarters. Moves correct but needs a lot of training to settle in the ring."

Stoneville Walk on the Wild Side EXC2

Bitches - Champion class
Fernmark Chart Ammutseba EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS

Breeders class
Owners: Jussi & Katariina Sarin HP, BOB-breeder!
Evaluation: "Quite nice breeder's group consisting of class winners today."

What a great day we had again! HUGE thanks to owners for bringing their dogs to the show and staying for the finals. Congratulations to Pola and Hara for their first certificates! So proud of you little-ones.

lauantai 21. maaliskuuta 2015

Ametysts greetings from Slovakia

Ametyst has grown to be an amazing young lady! Here is couple of pictures of her. Her colour is blue-brindle. What makes me most happy is that she has nice, easy-going and friendly temperament!

Pictures by Veronika Madzova, kennel Ana Ayiz Aruh Delenimentum.

sunnuntai 8. maaliskuuta 2015