sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

Finnish coursing Championships

1. Bora 499p, CAC
2. Highwind Cristallo di Rocca 461p, CAC
3. Rymwid Celerrimus 419p
4. Uncharted Terracotta 410p

keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2017

New champions

Last weekend was again eventfull. On Saturday Falcon (Rymwid Celerrimus) was in Tallinn INT in Estonia, and Aatu (Uncharted Highintensity) was in Lillehammer INT in Norway. Both boys got EXC1, CQ, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Falcon became EE CH and Aatu became NO CH and Scandinavian CH!

On Sunday Falcon was again BOB in Estonia with CACIB. In Lillehammer was APPSU special, Uncharted Bluemoon was attending. She got only EXC1 this time without CQ. Luna's last CAC keeps us waiting!

lauantai 5. elokuuta 2017

Coursing 30th June and Sighthound specialty 5th August

Terra and Rokka were at coursing last weekend, Rokka won with 449p, missing just one from CAC! Terra got 379p.

Today was sighthound specialty. 4 dogs were entered, but two were missing. Rokka won males with CAC and became BOS, Taru's Fernmark Chart Ammutseba became BOB. Congrats!