keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2016

Puppy plans

Puppies planned from next heat!
Maarit has promised us to use her lovely EuJW-15 EEJW-15 EEW15 FI CH LV CH UNCHARTED MOONSTONE. Pola has healthy eyes and knees. Her heart is also healthy (USG,EKG,auscultation.) Pola has stable character (character tested +131p), and she is promising both in shows and coursing.

The male we are planning to use to her is Multi CH, BIS ELZBIETA'S SZAFIR. Szafir did well in shows and coursing back then. He doesn't have Tierzaj-Sybir at all in his pedigree. Szafir had healthy eyes and hips. He died at the age of 9 y.o. due to tumors.

This is an interesting combination of old lines and new blood. We expect to get healthy and sound puppies suitable for many activities. For more information, you can contact us with pm or by e-mail: or

Pentuja suunnitteilla seuraavaan juoksuun!

Maarit on ystävällisesti luvannut meille käyttöön hänen ihanan Polansa meidän ensimmäisestä pentueesta (EUJV15, EEJV15, FI CH, LV CH UNCHARTED MOONSTONE). Pola on tutkittu terveeksi silmiltään, polvistaan ja sydämestään (ultra, ekg+kuuntelu.) Polalla on vakaa luonne (luonnetestattu +131p) ja se on lupaava niin näyttelyissä kuin maastoissa.

Aiomme käyttää Multi valio, BIS-voittaja ELZBIETA'S SZAFIRIA Yhdysvalloista. Szafir pärjäsi erittäin hyvin sekä näyttelyissä että maastoissa aikanaan. Szafir on niin sanottua vanhaa linjaa, eikä sen sukutaulussa esiinny ollenkaan yleistä matadoriurosta Tierzaj-Sybir. Siihen aikaan kun Szafir eli ei ollut suosituksia terveystutkimuksista, mutta sen silmät on kuitenkin tutkittu terveeksi ja myös lonkat olivat terveet. Szafir kuoli 9 vuotiaana kasvaimiin, ja eli siihen asti terveenä.

Yhdistelmä on mielenkiintoinen yhdistelmä vanhaa ja uutta verta. Odotamme terveitä ja harrastuksiin soveltuvia (niin näyttelyihin kuin maastoihin) pentuja. Lisätietoja saat ottamalla yhteyttä joko Facebookin kautta (Uncharted Chart Polski tai Katariina Sarin tai Jussi Sarin) tai laittamalla sähköpostia: tai

tiistai 29. marraskuuta 2016

Chaps eye check

Chaps was examined by eye specialist Eva Einola-Koponen and was perfectly healthy.

FCI approval for kennel name

From here on, all puppies born at our place will get the prefix "Uncharted" added to their name.

sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2016

Helsinki INT coursing

1st Rymwid Celerrimus 476p, CAC
2nd Highwind Cristallo di Rocca 430p

Boys did two good runs with each other, another round in couple of weeks in Hailuoto coursing!

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2016

New import

We imported another KW-male from Poland, Chaps. He is in co-ownership with Izabella Szmurło and Liisamaria Lekari and lives with Maria. Welcome Chaps!

lauantai 3. syyskuuta 2016

Moonstone at character test

Pola got 131points. Points for different parts (in Finnish):
Toimintakyky +1b kohtuullisen pieni
Terävyys+1b koira ei osoita lainkaan terävyyttä
Puolustushalu +1 pieni
Taisteluhalu +2b kohtuullisen peini
Hermorakenne +1b hermostunein pyrkimyksin
Temperamentti +2 kohtuullisen vilkas
Kovuus -2 pehmeä
Luoksepäästävyys +3 luoksepäästävä hyväntahtoinen avoin
Laukaukset ++ laukauskokematon
total 131

Bora at show

Bora was at show 14th August, she got this time only good.

lauantai 16. heinäkuuta 2016

Kartano Weekend 2016

Judge: Tomasz Borkowski, Poland
Open males
Rymwid Celerrimus EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOS (->FI CH, LV CH)
Champion males
Highintensity EXC1, CQ, BM2

Open bitches
Bora EXC1, CQ, BB4, CAC
Terracotta VG2

Champion bitches
Fernmark Chart Ammutseba EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOB
Moonstone EXC2, CQ, BB2
Stoneville Walk on the Wild Side EXC3, CQ, BB3

maanantai 11. heinäkuuta 2016

Kouvola coursing 10.7.2016

1. Rymwid Celerrimus 465p., coursing CAC
2. Moonstone 163p (she got muscle cramp in first run and didn't go to finals)

lauantai 2. heinäkuuta 2016

Finnish Sighthound Specialty/The Finnish Chart Polski Club's club show

Finnish Sighthound specialty:
Open class - males
Highwind Cristallo di Rocca (Nokturn Celerrimus × Karmilla od Wichury) VG3
Hurjahurtazharacz (Polskis Alfa Romeo × Fernmark Chart Asteroid) VG4
Rymwid Celerrimus (Sajdak × Tara) EXC1, CQ, CAC, BM1, BOS
Trueoriginal (Polskis Alfa Romeo × Fernmark Chart Asteroid) EXC2

Champion class - males
Highintensity (Polskis Alfa Romeo × Fernmark Chart Asteroid) EXC1, CQ, BM2

Open class - bitches
Bora (nn×nn)VG3
Midnightstar (Polskis Alfa Romeo × Fernmark Chart Asteroid) EXC1, CQ, CAC, BB1, BOB
Terracotta (Polskis Alfa Romeo × Fernmark Chart Asteroid) EXC2

Champion class - bitches
Fernmark Chart Ammutseba (Peintre Celebre Djuszes Kawecan × Emericius Klarisa) EXC1, CQ, BB2
Moonstone (Polskis Alfa Romeo × Fernmark Chart Asteroid) EXC2, CQ, BB3

Breeders class -Jussi & Katariina Sarin
BOB- breeder, honorary price (Trueoriginal, Highintensity, Midnightstar, Moonstone)

maanantai 27. kesäkuuta 2016

Friidu 3.11.2011-27.6.2016

Friidu was euthanized today because she got the herniated disc again. No more pain for you my dear Friidu, I wish we had more time together.

maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2016

European Coursing Championships

Zaida travelled to ELCC with Rokka. Rokka was at his third competition, and became fifth in very high competition! There were 11 chart polski entered. Congrats Zaida and thank you for going there with him.

Tromsø show 19th June

Highintensity was entered, he got only EXC1 this time.

tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2016

Jämsä shows 4th and 5th June

Highintensity was there. On saturday judge thought that he is too heavy and gave him VG. On sunday the Polish judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierchowska fell in love with the boys looks and temperament and with many praises gave him BOB and CAC, and therefore Aatu became Finnish Champion! Congratulations to Jere and Aatu.

Chart Polski Club show in Poland 4th June

We had many dogs with us, plus two from our first litter. The show was really big, there were 72 chart polski entered into the show! At the same trip we finally got our newest addition, ELSA. She will be living with Pola and her family.

Rymwid Celerrimus, intermediate class EXC3, bronze medal

Elsa, junior class VG

Ametystsmokeladryade G
Bora, open class G
Terracotta VG

Moonstone, champion class, EXC4

Bora and Elsa attended dr. Ireneusz Balicki's eye examination, both were perfectly healthy.

It was a real pleasure to finally meet so many friend from abroad, unfortunately the day was so busy that I didn't have as much time to socialize as I had hoped. Hopefully we will meet again next year!

keskiviikko 25. toukokuuta 2016

Highintensity in character test

Aatu was at official character test las weekend. You can see the video of the whole test in here:


sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2016

lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2016

Our first champion and chart polski charcter day in Lieto

Highintensity and Moonstone were in Mynämäki national show, Highintensity got just EXC1,  but Moonstone got her last CAC and was BOB and became Finnish and Latvian champion. Judge was Andrzej Kazmierski from Poland. Congrats and thank you Maarit and Pola once again!

We had chart polski character testing day in Lieto today. Terracotta was the only one from our litter present, and she was found to be confident and active young girl (as we knew already!). It was very educating day, and I hope we get another chance on this thing. Thank you all who were present!

sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2016

Results from Mustiala coursing and an update on Friidu

We had 4 dogs starting their coureer in Mustiala. Falcon did 2 excellent runs, got 463p and 1st placement with coursing CAC. Moonstone got 398 points and became second. Highintensity had a steady first run with Hurjahurtazharacz, but then in finals Haracz was disqualified and Aatu got confused and didn't get much points (268 combined).

Friidu has been doing somewhat better, she doesn't have neurological symptoms anymore but is still painful. Well keep you updated on her progress.

perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2016

Herniated disc in Friidu

Friidu hasn't been moving as well as usual for already some time, now the thing became acute as she started screaming outside and has had it hard to stand up and lie down. The diagnosis is now herniation (the discs in vertebrae push the nerves), but to be sure (if she doesn't get better on two weeks) we would need to do some MRI for her and maybe surgery.

Next two weeks will show how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2016

Winter coursing in Kouvola 20th March

Two cp attending; Terracotta and Highwind Cristallo di Rocca. Terracotta was disqualified as she said to Rokka that the lure is HERS. More training with a partner and better run next time! Rokka got 446 points, only 4 points from a certificate... But with this run Rokka still qualified himself to the European Lure Coursing Championships! Thank you Zaida for taking the youngsters to the race!

lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2016

Riga INT 19th and 20th March

Moonstone CAC, CACIB, BOB!!
Stoneville Walk on the Wild Side BB2, res-CAC, res-CACIB

Moonstone VG
Stoneville Walk on the Wild Side BOB, CAC, CACIB

sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2016

Thoughts on breeding Chart Polski

What kind of dog does most of us want to have? I dare to say that the core is to have a healthy and mentally balanced dog. Secondary qualities are hobbies, for example coursing and shows. Then what makes a breed? To us, dog has to be able to do it's original job in the climate similar to their country of origin. In Chart Polski this means that they have to have correct structure to be able to run many kilometers a day and suitable coat for Polish climate.

How can we get all mentioned above? What are supposed to be priorities? To us the priorities lie in how the dog performs in every day life. Even if the dog is taken for coursing, shows or other hobbies, they still represent only a minority of a dogs life. For me the priority is a healthy dog with easy going temperament, and preferably a guarding instinct as cp has had in the past. To ensure health, we test our breeding dogs for eye problems and heart diseases.

The latest study shows that cp's in Poland have some eye eyeproblems and maybe even as many as ~20% of the population is affected by some eye diseases, which makes the average percentage of carriers to be even as high as ~45%!  Our breed is too small to make any dna tests at the moment. How can we avoid a total catastrophy on eye problems and other health problems? There is only one answer for such a small population that is closely inbred in general. (I have to point out that the Finnish population somewhat differs from other population by ancestors and it has in general lower COI). The answer is to use fresh blood, bring new dogs of unknown backgrounds to the breed. By bringing in fresh blood, we protect genetic diversity and therefore health of the breed.

Bringing in fresh blood can affect the exterior of the dogs, to temporary make the dogs not so clearly Chart Polski by exterior. However, we think that as long as the general structure is healthy and suitable for the original work, it is far more important to protect the genetic diversity than the shape of the head for example. Exterior and looks is the easiest part to breed, we can focus more on these aspects when the basics on health and genetic diversity are taken care of.

Some critisize new blood by saying that we don't know what they bring in to the breed. In a sense it is true, but my choice is to have multiple resessive traits in few dogs instead that the whole population becomes carriers/affected on few problems (and then we can't breed them out or even try to avoid mating carriers.) The fact is that ALL dogs carry diseases. Only thing that will prevent them from becoming problems is to make sure there is heterosis that will block the resessive traits.

And few words about focusing on "preserving" the looks by attending shows. Showing really doesn't preserve anything, it will always end up in only emphasizing some traits to the excessity and many breeds seems to be transforming to the "general showdog" with similar structure. The best way to preserve the original structure is to use the dogs to their original work. Just look for example Border Collies and compare which ones more resemble the original dogs, the ones bred for show or the ones bred for work?

Chart Polski's inbreeding percentage is in general too high (the average is about  ~10% in the long run, even if we have had litters with 0% COI) and the population is way too small (the estimated population around the world was few years ago only about 500-600). If the breeders keep on doing these closely inbred litters,the breed will go extinct very soon. As only few breeders seem to see this problem as a real problem, we have decided to get to work to preserve this breed also for the next 100 years (and hopefully more) by adding as much new blood to the breed as possible, and making the breed more interesting for people to own, by bettering their characters and working abilities, and maintaining good general health.

I hope we can get many people to attend our preservation and genetic broadening project. It can't be done by only a few breeders, we need also to have active puppy buyers to ensure good homes for all dogs from our breeding. We have many planned litters for upcoming years, so if you are interested in getting in to this fascinating breed and help preserve it for the future, please contact us!

maanantai 22. helmikuuta 2016

Valmiera shows 20th-21st February

Saturday 20th Feb.
Rymwid Celerrimus EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB
Fernmark Chart Asteroid EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS, CAC ->LV CH

Sunday 21st Feb.
Rymwid Celerrimus EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB, BOG3
Fernmark Chart Asteroid EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS

perjantai 22. tammikuuta 2016

Health checks on Terra, Hara and Rokka

Hurjahurtazharacz has eyes, knees and heart (auscultation) healthy.
Terracotta has a couple of extra lashes on one eye (distichiasis), otherwise eyes, knees and heart (auscultation) healthy.
Highwind Cristallo di Rocca has eyes, knees and heart (auscultation) healthy.

lauantai 16. tammikuuta 2016

Turku INT 16.1.2016

Judge was lovely Csilla Juhasz from Hungary.

Intermediate class
Highintensity EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Intermediate class
Moonstone EXC1, CQ, BB2, CAC, res-CACIB
Champion class
How Wilful Panic in the Ring EXC1, CQ, BB1, CACIB, BOB

CAC's for our youngsters, congratulations to Hanne, Lumi and Tuittu on her BOB! She moved so nicely again.

keskiviikko 13. tammikuuta 2016

Falcon at heart examination

Exams (auscultation, ultrasound, ekg) was done by Seppo Lamberg, cardiologist specialized in sighthounds. Falcon was perfectly healthy young man!