maanantai 21. joulukuuta 2015

Summary of the year 2015

As the year draws to an end, it is always nice to remember what has happenes during the year. Puppies from Friidu and Alfa have received 18 cacs, 1j-cac, 2 cacibs, EuJW title, EE JW15 and EEW15 titles, BISS5 placement in EUW-specialty, 12 times BOB and 2 times BOS. Both BOB and BOS were from our litter in this years Finnish specialty! Two of the pups were tested healthy from eyes and knees, and all have started coursing training succesfully for next season.

Falcon got one BOB and CAC, was tested healthy for eyes and survived a snake bite. He has also succesfully trained for next season in coursing.

Friidu became LT CH, was 2× BOB and 1× BOS. She also got 2nd place in coursing dog of the year competition for the second time (1st in 2013, 2nd in 2014).

Our Italian import became LT JCH, EE JCH, BALTJW15 amd was 3×BOS and got one Finnish CAC. He had amazing first competition in coursing and got coursing CACand also won coursing dog of the year competition.

HUGE THANK YOU for active and loving homes of our puppies, nothing would have happened if we didn't have you!

We want to wish a Merry Christmas and a successfull New Year 2015 for all our friends in Finland and abroad!

keskiviikko 9. joulukuuta 2015

Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner 2015

Helsinki Winner 2015, judge: Marie Christine Delabelle, Belgium
Rymwid Celerrimus VG1 (he just freezed in the ring and was hard to get him trot, so judge couldn't give him better even if he liked him.)
Hurjahurtazharacz G
Moonstone EXC1, CQ, BB2, CAC, res-CACIB
Terracotta EXC2
Fernmark Chart Ammutseba EXC1, CQ, BOB, CACIB

Finnish Winner 2015, judge: Espen Engh
Rymwid Celerrimus sufficient (strongly disagree...)
Highwind Cristallo di Rocca VG1
Moonstone EXC1
Fernmark Chart Ammutseba EXC1, CQ, BOB, CACIB
Fernmark Chart Asteroid G