lauantai 19. syyskuuta 2015

Aatu's health checks

Aatu (Highintensity) was at eye, knee and heart checks today. Doctor found out that he is a healthy boy, in one eye he has one extra lash, and another 3 extra lashes (very mild distichiasis). Heart healthy (auscultation only), knees 0/0. Thank you Jere for taking him to health checks!

sunnuntai 6. syyskuuta 2015

Vantaa Nat. 6th September 2015

4 cp were entered, judge was Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska from Poland.

Junior males
Rymwid Celerrimus EXC1,CQ, CAC, BM1, BOB

Junior - bitches
Midnightstar EXC1, CQ, CAC. BB2

Champion - bitches
Fernmark Chart Asteroid EXC1, CQ, BOS

Sapientia EXC2

lauantai 5. syyskuuta 2015

EDS Oslo 5th September 2015

Judge was Göran Bodegård, Sweden.
Jun- bitches
Bluemoon EXC2
Moonstone EXC1, EuJW-15, BB3

Intermediate - bitches
Stoneville Who's Better Who's Best EXC1, BB2, CAC, res-CACIB

Champion - bitches
Fernmark Chart Ammutseba BOB, CACIB, EuW-15

Congrats  to Maarit and Taru on titles! All to Finland :)

perjantai 4. syyskuuta 2015

EDS Specialty 4th September Norway

Luna was there (doing her show debute)
with great results! CAC, BOB and BISS5!! Judge was sighthoundspecialist Jean Luis Grunheid, France. Congrats and THANK YOU Mona and Ragnhild for taking so good care of her!