lauantai 9. elokuuta 2014

World Dog Show 2014

Friidu got excellent and was placed 4th (last..) in the champion class bitches. Friidu's sister Sheela (F. Chart Appleseed) was exc3, and sister Minttu (Ammutseba) was BOS and WW-14 with CACIB. First time in Finnish Chart Polski history a breeders class was shown at an official dogshow, and Fernmark breeders group was granted honorary price and BOB-breeder title at WDS! Congratulations to Taru and Ulla for a successful day, and congrats to BOB, JWW-14 Armani Amerss, JWW-14 Odrynka Arcturus, WW-14 Charis Aziza men Tara and VWW-14 Alana Aziza Men Tara! Thank you all chart polski friends for coming to Finland, it was nice to meet you!

Here is Friidu's evaluation:
"2,5 years. Very elegant female. Elegant female head. Good neck. Correct chest & bones. Enough correct proportions, in body too female. I would like a little bit better behind. Correct in moving. Good temperament."

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