sunnuntai 18. lokakuuta 2015

Hailuoto coursing 17th October 2015

Two cp were in the competition; Rokka and Friidu. This was the only competition in Finland this year, so this also makes the winner of this race coursing dog of the year 2015. :D

The first run went ok, Friidu has had better courses. Friidu got 205 points and Rokka did a super starting run for his coureer and got 230 points. Both got into finals.

In the finals Friidu had her own course, and Rokka did again a good run. Friidu got 161 points (366 all together) and Rokka got 235 points (465 points) and got his first CAC and of course won the race and the coursing dog of the year title. Yayy, a great start for our young boy! Thank you Zaida for keeping him in good shape and training him for the lure.

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